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1. Budget round up
This year's budget and the submission to parliament of the CPRS didn't really have any surprises. The Green Party rightly criticised it as not being green enough, and even the Chinese got into the criticism. ...
2. Green Loan changes
In the budget Rudd announced that the Green Loan program would now be smaller, but interest free see  ...
As I mentioned in my recent post on Australia's "Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme", Rudd has taken the unusual step of talking about how good Australia's per-capita cuts are, i.e. using Australia's projected ...
... see a lot of renewable energy deployment happening in Canberra rather than elsewhere. (Hmmm - I wonder if a hot-air generator on top of parliament would qualify?) In other positive news, Rudd has passed ...
... to portray Kevin Rudd, with his target of cutting emissions by 60 per cent by 2050, as an environmental fundamentalist who will wreak economic devastation. And the report endorses a general posture of ...
6. ALP goes dirty
Kevin Rudd has just done what what John Howard has failed to do for years - convince many environmentalists not to support Labor at the coming federal election. By ending Labor's "No New Uranium Mines" ...