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1. Moving Worlds - VRML2.0 a short history
(static/writings2 - unlisted)
This document chronicles Mitra's recollection of the history of Moving Worlds, as it evolved into VRML2.0 and now the ISO standard VRML 97, it collects together an archive of some of the documents, and ...
2. Writings on VRML - 3D on the internet
(static/Writings - Technical)
A collection of writings about VRML,  the first 3D standard on the internet, now superceeded by X3D and proprietrary languages. VRM2.0: a history and collection of proposals VRML+: (multi-user - ...
3. Some of Mitra Ardron's Past Projects & Clients
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
... in VRML.. Managed the interface between the business team and developers. Managed a team of programmers split between Moscow and Silicon Valley Represented Paragraph to standards bodies, ...
4. Mitra Ardron's involvement with Standards committees
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
... proposal, which became VRML2.0, and was then renamed VRML 97 when it was approved by ISO. Despite the attempt by SGI to claim all the credit, this was ...
5. Mitra Ardron's public speaking
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
... on Living Worlds Frontiers in Distributed Information Systems June 97: Multi User Interaction in VRML 2.0 Siggraph Aug 97: Presented the case for VRML in debate with Java3D,  ...
6. Press coverage of Mitra Ardron & projects
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
... 7, 2003 Before 1998: mostly VRML @Internet - VRML still not ready for prime time - Jun '98 CNET - VRML not quite ready for real world - Jun '98 WinMag ...
7. Mitra's claims to internet fame - an informal history
(static/Past Projects & Activities)
... put together the technology for People Space in Japan I was co-author of the Moving Worlds proposal, which became VRML2.0, and was then renamed VRML 97 when it was approved ...