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1. URI and Information Retrieval
(static/Writings - Technical)
I was very active in the early days of the internet in the process of developing the standards it works by. This page contains old papers from my work with URI's, including some very early ...
2. Writings on VRML - 3D on the internet
(static/Writings - Technical)
A collection of writings about VRML,  the first 3D standard on the internet, now superceeded by X3D and proprietrary languages. VRM2.0: a history and collection of proposals VRML+: (multi-user - ...
3. Introducing Mitra Ardron
Hi, and welcome to my website - a place where I've collected writings both current and past. I work at the interfaces of Sustainability, Community and Technology. I'm passionate about sustainability ...
A collection of writings on a variety of technical topics - mostly pre 2000  ...
A collection of writings on a variety of topics in sustainability.  ...