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Past Projects & Activities

Some of Mitra Ardron's Past Projects & Clients PDF Print E-mail

Listed here are some of the projects I have been involved with over the years. Some are voluntary, others are paid; some are well under way, or recently completed, while others are just starting; some will continue for years while others will fall aside for any number of reasons:

Mitra Ardron's public speaking PDF Print E-mail

Mitra is a confident public speaker, and has presented papers, or sat on panels at many conferences, with audiences as large as 2000.

Some of the presentations - and in some cases the presentation materials - are listed below:

Mitra's claims to internet fame - an informal history PDF Print E-mail

This is a collection of things I'm responsible for, and also some of the arguments I lost. Many of them won't mean anything unless you were around at the time ....


Mitra Ardron's involvement with Standards committees PDF Print E-mail

I worked with, and on internet standards committees from 1990 till 1997, through times at Pandora, WAIS, Worlds Inc, Paragraph and SGI. I no longer do this work with the internet, but would be interested in similar work with sustainability standards.

In particular some highlights have been:

Mitra Ardron's resume PDF Print E-mail

Lots of experience in sustainability, management, IT, renewables, cleantech and so on - details in my resume.

Mitra Ardron's archive of early APC material PDF Print E-mail

Including GreenNet and IGC (PeaceNet, EcoNet etc) materials

I was the founder of GreenNet, England's fourth ISP in 1985. It pioneered the use of email by the Environment, Peace and Social Justice movements at a time when few businesses were communicating electronically.

In 1987, together with Mark Graham of IGC, we co-founded the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) to spread our model of nationally operated non-profit networks to other countries.

This is a collection of material from those times.

Press coverage of Mitra Ardron & projects PDF Print E-mail

I've received a fair amount of press coverage over the years, on some projects more than others, and less in recent years as most of the time now I prefer to take a backseat and mentor the true innovators to get coverage for themselves.

Here is a list and some articles - including some written by me.