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Writings - Technical

A collection of writings on a variety of technical topics - mostly pre 2000

US Patent # 09883064 - Peer to Peer PDF Print E-mail

I am listed as an author on US Patent # 09883064 for peer to peer file sharing which we developed at Flycode where I was CTO.

There were two key innovations - the first was to use file hashing so that files could be found even when named differently on different peers.

The other key innovation - which wasn't covered very well in the patent - was a technique for swarming based on splitting the file up and accessing parts from different servers - this is essentially wat BitTorrent does now.

The patent was aquired when Flycode went under, and I'm not sure who owns it now.

URI and Information Retrieval PDF Print E-mail

I was very active in the early days of the internet in the process of developing the standards it works by. This page contains old papers from my work with URI's, including some very early proposals for URLs.






US Patent # 6219045 - Shared 3D Worlds PDF Print E-mail

I am listed as a co-author on US Patent # 6219045 that covers the first shared 3D virtual environment on the net. "Scalable Virtual World Chat Client-Server System".

Our team broke new ground at a time when shared 3D environments only worked on high-end machines, on big bandwidth pipes, and were not therefore available to average consumers.

Please note that this patent has been quite controversial, I am not claiming that the team invented all the material that the then-management of Worlds Inc claimed in the patent.

Writings on VRML - 3D on the internet PDF Print E-mail

A collection of writings about VRML,  the first 3D standard on the internet, now superceeded by X3D and proprietrary languages.

VRM2.0: a history and collection of proposals

VRML+: (multi-user - written before VRML2.0)

Patent - Shared 3D Worlds

Living Worlds: (multi-user - written after VRML2.0) tutorial and avatars