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Permaculture "How to" guides PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 July 2010 04:31

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These simple "How To" guides, aimed at the relative newcomer to Permaculture. They have been selected because they are relatively easy to implement, and do not require that you convert all your land to Permaculture in order to be effective. I hope they'll give you enough of a taste of Permaculture that you'll want to try more

  • A Worm farm is an easy way to recycle kitchen scraps. In the process it produces liquid and solid fertilizers and worms. Worm farms shouldn't smell, and are convenient for urban, or even balcony, gardens where compost piles might not be appropriate.
  • A Herb Spiral is a simple way to improve your kitchen garden, a spiral of rocks encloses soil in which many species of herbs are planted. The rock warms and dehumidifies the soil. The extended edge, wrapped in on itself provides a wide diversity of conditions, creating high productivity in a small space, but is easy to water and harvest.
  • By growing Bananas in a circle, you can increase production, and avoid the untidyness often associated with Bananas.
  • Growing potatoes in old tyres, or sweet potatoes in a mound make it easier to harvest.
  • Defending the edges of your garden is easier with a Weed Barrier.
  • No-Dig garden layering mulch and soil and weed barriers.


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