Outstanding issues with VRML 2.0 

This covers outstanding issues with the final version of VRML2.0

Last updated by Mitra on 9th December '96 

I've split this into three sections, covering: 

  1. Problems with the Spec. 
  2. Clarification issues - places where the spec can be interpreted multiple ways. 
  3. Well I tried 
  4. Other issues

Problems with the spec.

Node Reference 


Clarification issues 

            info [ "Author=mitra@mitra.biz", "Copyright=public" ]  or 
            info [ "Author", "mitra@mitra.biz", "Copyright", "public" ]
PROTO foo [ field SFString bestUrl ] {
        Anchor {
                url [
                     IS bestUrl,
consensus is NO - but is MFString to SFString legal if its the only child? Again *NO* it will require a script. This still needs clarifying since many people read it the other way.

Well - I tried 

This section covers things that I think are seriously wrong, but there is no way to both fix them and meet the deadline. Unfortunately I agree with Rikk that its better to be wrong, than not to get 2.0 out the door, so I can't push to hard for these, but anyway . For the record . 

Prototype Mouse [] {
    Group {
        children [
            Viewpoint {},
            USE MouseBody