The Moving Worlds Proposal for VRML 2.0
Submitted by Silicon Graphics, Inc.




Examples and Extensions

The VRML Architecture Group (VAG) has sent out a request for proposal (RFP) for VRML 2.0. Moving Worlds is a proposal which satisfies this request. It is a collaborative effort between a number of individuals and organizations. The goal of the Moving Worlds effort is not only to meet all requirements of the RFP, but to do so in an open forum. Please visit this site often and join the moving-worlds mailing group to keep up with the latest developments.

This page contains links to all documents related to the proposal as well as supporting and related documents and available sample software. Please note that Moving Worlds is an evolving proposal. Throughout the month of January it will be refined and updated with new information. The change log will be updated with the latest changes to the documents. Also, visit our voting booth and vote on issues relating to Moving Worlds. Questions change regularly so visit often.

A FAQ is now available to answer often asked questions specifically about Moving Worlds.

Many individuals and organizations have been involved in the proposal. The work of everyone who has taken the time to contribute in some way is appreciated. Moving Worlds is a tribute to the successful collaboration of all of us.

Mailing List

The Moving Worlds mailing list has been set up for discussions about the proposal. Please subscribe to get involved in the process. To subscribe, send an email message to In the message body type:

subscribe moving-worlds your-email-address

A hypermail archive of the mailing list is available.


A voting system has been implemented to gather opinions of the participants in this list. The questions will change so please visit this section often and vote. All votes are recorded and are tallied according to e-mail address. No controls are in place to limit eligible voters. Please be honest. You may vote multiple times so you may change your mind, but only your last vote counts. This is a straw poll only and will be used to help the designers refine the proposal and build a concensus. Voting results will be posted daily.

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Request For Proposal

The VAG has made a Request for Proposal (RFP) for VRML 2.0 candidates. The RFP has set up certain requirements for submission of proposals. Moving Worlds satisfies these requirements as follows.


Moving Worlds is a collaboration of many individuals and organizations. Organizations involved are:

Silicon Graphics (Rikk Carey)
WorldMaker (Mitra)
Sony (Rodger Lea)
OnLive (Henry Nash)
Black Sun (Peter Graf)
Visual Software (John Marshall)
Paper, Inc. (Mike McCue)
Chaco Communications, Inc. (Dr. Dan R. Greening)
Intervista Software, Inc. (Tony Parisi)

Reference Implementation

A reference implementation is being created by Silicon Graphics.


See the examples section of the proposal.


Moving Worlds has grown out of the VRML 1.0 specification. It has been influenced by the VRBS work at SDSC as well as work at Silicon Graphics in the Inventor and Performer products. The initial proposal as it appears today is an integration of work done by Silicon Graphics, WorldMaker and Sony. Every member of the VAG has had a hand in various pieces and input from all over the VRML world has been incorporated. Gavin Bell has headed the effort at SGI to produce the final form of the proposal as it appears here.

Legal Issues

Moving Worlds is free of any legal restrictions.

Sample Software

Coming Soon! A Moving Worlds parser for Windows 95 and IRIX. This parser will provide functionality similar to Qvlib for VRML 1.0. It will contain source ready to be compiled for Windows 95 and SGI IRIX. It is being supplied, royalty free, by Silicon Graphics, Inc.

A sample implementation of the Moving Worlds proposal will also be available from one or more of the companies listed above soon after final submission of the proposal.

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