Sony's VS + SDSC's VRBS + Mitra's Behavior proposal

This is a first attempt to try and bring together the different proposals of Sony, SDSC and Mitra (formerly of Worlds) with the intent of producing a joint proposal that covers the goals of all three. This document should metamorphose into one or more joint papers.

First draft - Mitra - 20 Oct 95
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This is an attempt to draw out what is common, and where the major differences are.

Unlike a number of behavior proposals, Sony's SDSC's and Mitra's proposals all have a basic model that conforms to ...


This section attempts to draw out the major areas of difference - not so much in syntax as in functionality. It tries to draw attention to all the places where it is probably not trivial to merge proposals:

Minor differences

This section attempts to list a number of minor areas of difference - or areas where it would be trivial to reach consensus (some of these might not be more less trivial!)

Solved (maybe)

This section covers areas of former differences where there is agreement on one of the approaches, or a merged approach.